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How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Wedding


Mar 13, 2023

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Should you consider choosing your flower color palette based on ‘The color of
the year”? I would suggest that you do not limit yourself to such a narrow
choice! Instead choose a color and style that match your personal style.

Think about colors that you are drawn to and use that as a starting point!!
You will see Influencers promoting specific colors combinations for any given
year. That is their role. However, I would advise that you do not need to follow a color
trend that does not speak to you. Think less about how you want the wedding
to look and more about how you want it to feel. Your color choices will be a
natural jumping off point for the tabletop décor and linens.

The modern bride is not limited to the season of the year to choose the floral
color scheme. Instead, consider the venue selection to complement your
personal style. For example, a garden themed wedding might call for an array
of brightly colored florals or soft muted pastels. A boho chic wedding may
incorporate gold, browns and greens or perhaps bright jewel tones!

Color is a major influence in our life, affecting everything from clothing choices
to your home décor. Brides instinctively know what colors they are drawn to.
Trust your instincts and use that knowledge to choose a color theme that will
be one that reflects your personality and style.

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