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Leap of Faith – Advice for Choosing Your Wedding Florist


Apr 21, 2023

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I think we all know how stressful wedding planning can be even if you
are receiving excellent guidance from a wedding planner. After all they
have introduced you to great vendors they have worked with and trust!
But not all brides are working with a planner and there are so many
decisions and options to review and consider.

Sound familiar?

My advice to brides who have already spoken with multiple floral
designers is to trust your intuition. Pick a vendor who gets you! They
will execute your vision beautifully. The look and feel of your floral
designs should convey the feeling that you want your wedding day to
represent. If you feel like communication is strained or difficult or feel
that something just hasn’t clicked, go with your intuition.

Occasionally clients may become overwhelmed with multiple choices
and unable to narrow down their options. This is where your floral
designer can step in and make helpful suggestions. It is not always
necessary for you to know “all about flowers.” In fact, I have worked
with many brides who need and appreciate guidance and suggestions
or conversely, brides who know exactly what they want to see!! We
can step in and explain why certain blooms are a great choice or could
be problematic. Our role is to offer alternatives and solutions. We will
support you and work to be sure that your florals designs are a
memorial element of your wedding day.

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